Do you offer labelling services?

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if you work together with external companies or have the staff to do this your own as we don’t want to do all the labelling our own?


Hello John,

yes, we work together with BPOs which could create the labels for you in Hasty.

However, we encourage teams to become active and (especially in the beginning) label the pictures using our customized AI-assistants themselves, in the beginning.

From experience, we know that teams, which iterate between annotation-strategy and model architecture quickly, are the most successful ones. Hasty enables your team to do so by providing feedback early in the process to validate your approach.

And, you’d be surprised how easy and fast you can create labels with our AI-assistants.

If you still want to work with a BPO after all, please drop me a DM or write an email to so we can introduce you to one of our partners.


Hey John!

I completely get you when you say that you don’t want to label the data entirely on your own - even with AI automation having a labeling team is quite handy.

Our teams at Humans in the Loop are trained to use the Hasty platform and we’d be happy to help with the manual annotation. Even for very small batches of images you can have a dedicated small team which delivers annotations fast while you are iterating on your model.

We also do verification of automated labels and edge case handling. Email me at and we can discuss!


Hi Iva! For now, we started annotating ourselves in Hasty and it works quite well. But I’ll come back to you once the work is getting too much.