GDPR and HIPAA compliance

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I’ve been using for two weeks now and I want to upgrade my package. When I asked my mangers about it, they asked about GDPR and HIPAA compliance? Would we get in any trouble, here?


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Good evening Elisa,

great to hear that you want to upgrade to a paid package :sunglasses:

Yes, we’re GPDR and HIPAA compliant. We follow all the needed security and privacy standards. Your data is super secure at Hasty and not even we are allowed to look at that without your explicit permission.

Having said that, we do not block you from sharing the project with external parties, obviously. However, if you want to do this, you would need to state it and list that partner as a data processor in your terms & service.

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Geographically speaking, where are you storing the data?

If I read it right, they store the data in Belgium, see: Where do you store my data?

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Thanks John for looking it up! That’s correct.