Menu auto-close for single choice label attribute

First, I would like to share that I really enjoy your tool. I found it the easiest and fastest to use :blush:

A small suggestion to make annotating more fluent:
I have label attributes which I defined as “single choice”. However, after I choose the right value, the drop-down menu (that features all the values in the attribute) is not closed automatically. Making the menu close automatically after the value is chosen, will make annotating smoother.

In addition, the text in the panning pop-up message needs to be fixed: “in the in in the…” :slightly_smiling_face:

Other than that, your tool is working very well.
Thank you!


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Hi Noah,

thanks for the feedback! I forwarded it to our product team. Did you try out our AI-Assistants yet?


Yes, I use the “attribute prediction” and the “instance segmentation” all the time :+1: