Only export annotations of labeled pictures


I was wondering if it’s possible to download all the images we’ve annotated using We have all the images somewhere, but they’re in a bunch of different locations, so downloading exactly the ones that are annotated would be very useful!


Hello Elisa,

if I understood correctly you could solve your problem by filtering images after the image status when exporting them.

In Hasty, you can select an image status in the top menu bar. You can also use hotkeys. Possible statuses are ‘New’, ‘In progress’, ‘To review’, ‘Done’, and ‘Skipped’. In the exporting window, you then can select which images to export at the bottom of the frame.

You have two possibilities now:

  1. Go through all your images and set the status of the images you want to export to ‘Done’. This would require some effort though.
  2. If you haven’t set any image-statuses by hand yet at all, the ones with labels on it should be marked as ‘In progress’. When images are imported into Hasty they’re flagged with ‘New’. As soon as one label got created on the image, the status automatically switches to ‘In progress’.

I hope this solves your problem. Let me know if you have any other questions.


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Hi Tobias,

yes, it works like this! Thank you very much.

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