Retrain model from scratch

Hey Team,

I uploaded a couple of annotations created by another model and marked the corresponding images as “To review”. Now I thought that the AI assistant might not give the best results if it is trained on inaccurate labels created by another model. If I now set these images as “New” how can I let the AI assistant forget about the inaccurate training data it learned from? So how can I let it train from scratch again?



Hi Lucca,

you can export the data → create a new project → import the data again. This will reset the assistants.

If this doesn’t do the trick for you, you can always drop me a DM as well.

Have a great weekend,

Hi Tobias,

its a bit inconvenient but it worked.

Thank you,


Hi Lucca,

yes, we know. But stay tuned. We’re actually working on something big right now. When we release this, you won’t have this problem anymore.