Use case - Robotics

Hey fellow creators,

I am Ivan and I recently found and started using Hasty as an annotation tool (I particularly LOVE using the DEXTR tool). The whole platform is very easy to use and a very dull task actually becomes pleasant.

I am developing a project for the Bulgarian Association of Agri-robotics that I am a co-founder of. For an agricultural robot to be able to be created I need computer vision. I would also need a robot manipulator or robot arm, which will do certain operations on the field and it would all be made alive by the help of ROS. For starters, I do need the robot to be able to see the field and evaluate where it needs to work.

Having gathered a number of photos of the produce, I started looking for easier to use and automated tools. Here is where Hasty comes in. It allows me to quickly put down a number of annotations by the assistance of its tools. My particular usage is Instance Segmentation.

Most of my photos I managed to tag with DEXTR because I can define crazier shapes. With time, the tool itself started getting really smart and rarely misses the shape, and I have just annotated about a thousand objects altogether. At some point, I started mostly leveraging the AI assistant for instance segmentation, which, again, rarely misses anymore.

After a sufficient number of cases are covered and I can safely say I have robustness of the model I am going to train, I am going to let ROS use it with a robot arm so it can harvest fruits and vegetables and perform other operations on the field. It’s hard work for sure. And Hasty DOES make my life easier!!!


Thanks for the very nice feedback! Much appreciated